Stress Free, Low Risk and Short Term investing. Just 2 Stocks Pick per week can earn you 20% or more.

India's finest stock refinery and the first back tested stock picks system. Intraday, F&O, NIFTY etc. tips are purely based on charts, create very high risk and life destroying stress for most high frequency traders. Stocks picks are designed for consistent and sustainable wealth creation based on deep analysis and research. Most factors which influence the stock prices are accounted for and not just charts and technical indicators unlike Intraday, F&O and NIFTY tips. Our equity research team with 5+ years of combined experience carefully selects just 2 stocks per week with very high margin of safety and expected to produce 20% or more gains over the next three months. We automatically crunch last 5 years of company financial statements i.e. profit and loss, cashflow etc. and identifies financially strong companies. Further, important technical indicators are applied to look for the right time to enter and exit these fundamentally strong companies. We don't stop there, Nano stocks financial services highly experienced research team. Research team monitors these 100 companies for important news and events related to these companies, related industries and overall economy. They talk to company management, carefully listen to earnings release calls and produce the most important data that drives stock prices i.e. financial estimates for the next 2 years. Finally, Stocks Picks system accounts for these financial estimates and produces buy/sell ratings, price levels (buy price, target price, stop loss etc.) so you don't have to do all this work!!

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Buying and selling stocks can seem to be a fancied way to make money, but, when the question is what stock to Buy and Sell you are thinking in the right direction. Picking a stock on instincts is not how professions choose their stocks, but a small research or information based decision that turns into a Buy or Sell Decision. One of the oldest financial instruments in the stock market is Stock cash. It is the preferred trading instrument for most trades in India. We provide recommendations in Stock cash and have developed a niche in the industry with our high accuracy and strong risk management. - See more at:





Excited about trading in the Futures Market, if you feel that you are a seasoned trader and want to now diversify and put your eggs into different segments then trading in Stock Futures is very ideal - See more at:
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